Development Log 19.08.2015 Bug Fixes, Trees and SVN Checkins.

Here’s some new things we have in development at the moment. Look forward to seeing these in the next update or in hotfixes.

Custom Maps

Players are now able to customize the map they play on. Choose from massive, copious and ample size maps. Use the custom options to determine how much flora, fauna and tectonic activity you want to happen in your game. The choices range from low to high and for tectonic activity there is also the possibly of playing on a hotspot. The target climate can be set to Polar, Megathermal or Mesothermal.

Trees on Maia’s Surface

As well as custom maps that can change Maia’s surface, we also have the addition of some trees coming up soon.
Hannah has been working on creating some new trees to improve Maia’s landscape. Here’s some images of the work in progress. We’ll have a full in-depth post about the trees soon.


Oranges on Hydroponic Trees.

Coming up for the next update; The oranges will be a way to signify to the player and colonists than the hydroponics are ready to harvest.oranges2


Your feedback is really valuable to us and we’ve been working through the bugs you have reported. Our next update is going to be very bug fix heavy. Any game breaking bugs that come to our attention in the meantime will be top priority and will be added into the current version of the game as soon as they are fixed. If you’ve had any issues getting the game to run let us know by emailing us at or by using our guide.

reporting problems

You can also tweet us!

Selection of some of the bugs we’ve been working on:

  • IMP Tutorial made clearer, the game now counts the amount of dig orders placed overall instead of how many dig orders the IMP currently has.
  • IMP button no longer crashes if it’s used when all IMPs have been destroyed.
  • IMP no longer forgets its order after loading a saved game.
  • Deleted IMP orders no longer come back after loading a saved game.
  • The 3D printer no longer resets itself if the player saves and loads whist it’s being used.
  • Meteorites no longer reset their status on loading.
  • Open mail filter appearing in main menu is fixed.
  • Lighting has been improved meaning there will be less lighting square glitches.
  • Flywheel no longer defaults to yellow status when out of power.
  • Textures now use up less memory on the GPU. This will boost performance for a lot of low end users and fix a few glitches
  • Hydroponic trees do no longer reset on loading, giving a clearer indication of the player’s progress.
  • The water barrel count no longer resets when reloading the game.
  • The plant shadows are no longer squares!
  • Colonists will now eat chickens at a more sensible rate.

Bug Fix Updates

We’ll soon be setting up a twitter feed that posts every time something is committed to the SVN server. This means that you’ll be able to see when Maia is being worked on and what is going into the development builds.

Hugh Jeremy

Hugh has traveled to the UK and is here rebuilding some web backends, doing financial analysis, and working on some production tools!


The latest Maia let’s play videos:

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Peter has started a let’s play series on Maia. He’s currently on the 3rd video in the series.

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