Development Log 20.11.2015

Bug Fixes!

Simon’s been working through his code, making optimisations and overall is improving its quality. Here’s the bug fixes we either know are fixed or are currently being working on.

  • Colonist should no longer get caught in corners. Before colonists would often get stuck and cry until they died of starvation or fatigue.
  • By the time the next big update comes out, Steam screenshots will be working. Simon has discovered the issues on steams end. Now we know what’s causing the black screens, we’ll be able to get it working soon.
  • There’s been a few fixes implemented to stop things traveling through walls as much as they did before. A large part of this has been to fix some wall meshes for the room casing.
  • Simon and Ruairi are close to fixing the social lock up bug. In our current development build colonists interacting are a lot less likely to get stuck staring at each other.
  • As of our last development build, a considerable amount of sounds in the game have been implemented and corrected.
  • We’re currently looking into a fix to stop colonists from randomly running outside and dying from asphyxiation At the moment the cases where this is happening is due to colonists trying to pick up rubble from outside. To stop this from happening make sure your IMP Robot only digs inside the base.

Lens Flare

The lens flare as now been toned down and should be a lot less distributive to players. Here’s a video of some of the lens flares I took whilst filming other sections of gameplay. The overall lighting has also been improved.

First Person Mode

As well as fixing bugs, Simon is busy working on the first person mode which was one of the original plans from the start of development. Soon players will be able to possess one of the IMP Robots and walk around their base and outside. Players will also be able to make the IMP Robots place concrete blocks.

New Food

As mentioned in the last development log. Hannah’s been working on new vegetables for the colonists.
This includes potatoes, carrots, kale and broccoli!

Here’s what they are going to look like.


The new foods introduce varied diets for your base along with different growth rates for different goods.
These will be implemented as part of the next update along with major bug fixes.


I’ve written a new guide for the standalone missions. There’s spoilers so it’s best to only read it if you’ve tried out the standalone scenario missions and found them difficult.

Thanks for reading!